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Stephani Sturgis

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Meet Stephani 

Wife, Mom, Entrepreneur, Singer, Emerging Author,

 and Motivational Speaker

I'm a Wife of 12 years and a Mom of 4 and bonus Mom of 1, before I'm anything else. I take great honor in serving my family and pushing them to be everything that God has called them to be. I serve diligently at my home Church as a Minister of the Gospel, and run a business as well as helping my husband run his. But dang-on-it, I forgot who the heck I was in the process! LOL!


I'm also a bold go-getter, a visionary, an entrepreneur, and I have dormant gifts that are ready to explode. In humbly serving and promoting others my growth, wisdom, and expertise has grown immeasurably. I'm ready to show Women of God everywhere how to put your family first, AND accomplish God's Vision for your life! I've done it, I'm doing it, women and I'm gonna show you too!


Are you a Woman who manages the functions of your household, works, has a family, and you want to explore more of your buried passions? Then I'm so glad I found you! This is planner for you Mama!

Just go on ahead and order to get your life together! I'm a wife of an Entrepreneur and Pastor, a Minister myself, and mother of 4. God gave me the idea for this tool and I can testify that it works!!!!


The Perfect Tool For


Start Your Journey

Most women know what it's like for dreams to die a little at the entrance of adulthood, Wife-life, or Motherhood. I have a message from Heaven, plus a divine strategy on ...
Getting It Together - 6 Week Masterclass
Started Oct 14, 2021
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