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Our Planners are almost HERE!!! Taking Pre-Orders Now!!!

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Oh... my... goodness what a road this has been getting this amazing planner out!

Introducing: Getting It Together, The Weekly Planner and Family Organizer for Moms Who do It All! Taking Pre-Orders Now for release in 2 weeks!

Being organized and having a strategic plan is extremely important for me to have in order to boss up in any way. It's very difficult to chase after your dreams if you haven't identified the track your going to run on to get to them. So having a plan is important. But once you have a plan, you need a strategy to maximize your effectiveness in carrying out that plan. What shoes will I wear for the best traction, what food should I eat to give the most energy, how would I handle falling into a ditch or bump if it comes up along the way; all of those things are important to get yourself ready for the win.

I've been tirelessly working on carefully crafting, and putting together one single, very simple tool for Moms to use to organize their busy lives with excellence, and to strive to reach there goal. This is it!

But hey ya'll... it took waaaaaaay longer than my 'strategic plan' allotted for it to take. Talk about ditches and bumps. Let me tell you what; this planner, and its creation, has been a thrilling, purpose-awaking project for me. There was so much more to creating, printing, publishing, and selling this project than I knew when I began. I went through dozens of companies and publishers to get this out, but they wanted me to charge way more than what I'm selling it for now. They all said that the tools that are included in this planner is worth more that what I was willing to charge for it. I'm not short changing myself, but I do want a chance to build my brand, and I want to get this in the hands of as many women as possible, so in order to do that I felt I needed to lower my costs, at least for the first one.

With all of the research I was doing to find a publisher to promote my book, I decided to self publish, which lead to me to take on online course, and now...BOOM; ya girl owns her own Publishing Company, Vision Runner, LLC! Woot, woot! However, going this route cost me way more than my budget allowed, so I got myself another part time job to fund the costs for this project. I determined that I was going to push this through, no matter how long it took; and that this planner was going to be as EXCELLENT as I could produce at the level that I'm currently at. I've had the planner for over a month now, but I kept sending it back for revisions because I want to make sure that what I'm offering is really going to be the BEST, and that it was going to be a tool to Get You Together, for real. And I believe that it will!

There's been so much going on the get this out, that I was so discouraged along the way, but I wouldn't give up. I took way longer to get this done than I wanted to, but I wouldn't give up. I was embarrassed because I put it out there in December and it wasn't as close to being ready like I thought, so I went ghost and aint say nothing for a while, but I wouldn't give up. It's almost the freakin middle of the year and I was wondering after all of this work I've been doing if it would still sell, but I wouldn't give up. Every time the planner came in the mail and looked absolutely fabulous, but found another menial flaw that needed to be corrected and I got wiped out because I thought this was FINALLY perfected, but I wouldn't give up. I made up in my mind when I started this project that no matter what ditch I got stuck in, or what bumpy road i came up against, that I... would... not... give... up!

I can tell you that I couldn't say that for a lot of other projects that I've started before. This one was different though. When I posted on my FB Page that I was making this planner, you guys responded so powerfully and I couldn't give up because of YOU! I kept imagining you holding this book in your hands and believing in yourselves again, like it did for me. I kept envisioning you feeling good, knowing your bills are organized and you have a financial plan for your family because you have this planner, instead of missed due dates throwing you off, like it did for me. I would picture you having peace of mind having meals planned for the week AND groceries ALREADY purchased and in the cabinets, like it gave me. I would day dream about you using the chore chart and you and your family working together to keep the house clean and feeling like your life is in order, like it did for me. You are the driving force to get this done! I couldn't give up because I don't want you to give up! Also, because I saw the Vision, and made it plain!

This planner is available for Pre-Order Now! Order yours today!

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