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Getting It Together Planner & Family Organizer For Moms Who Do It All isn’t just a planner. It’s a system to get your purpose, ideas, and goals from being in your heart to getting them into action. This system will help you manage the requirements of the many wonderful things that your blessed with; your family, home, work, and your dreams. It's also a great way to organize the things you worry about doing everyday, so things are in your weekly view, in one spot, and easy to manage.


This system, when used together, will set you up for the win! And once you can clearly see the vision, then you can move with efficiency and run with it. You’ll find 10 different systems, called "Vision Runners", at play that all help you in your goal of “Getting It Together”, and they are called:


1) Goal Digging - Breakdown goals in tiny steps then spread out throughout the year. This is the heart of the Vision Runner system.


2) Picture Perfect Life - Write the vision for the flow of your life: personal, family, and professional.


3) Family Snapshot - All of the important info for you, your boo, your kids, and work right at your fingertips.


4) Meal Planner - Plan all your meals, and snacks for weeks to then choose from daily.


5) Chore Chart- Organize and keep your home clean in only 15-20 min, twice daily!


6) Financial Planning - Track, store and organize income and expenses for the month. There's an amazing Family Financial Plan budget form on the back of each month's tab for you to organize your coins. *There's also a double sided folder in the back that you can safetly store your bills until you've paid them; or any other docs you'd like!


7) Weekly Planner - Weekly overview layouts with 3 mini monthly calendars on each spread for a detailed tracking of your daily agenda, goals, main chores, meals, and more. There's also a yearly 2021 calendar, and a monthly calendar at the start of each month with beautiful divider tabs.


8) Word Up - Get your mind in a place of power as you begin your week with scripture.


9) Featured Read - Monthly book suggestions that will shape your mind to grow into your purpose. (Join our FB Group, Getting It Together, for our book group discussions.)


10) Journal Pages - Blank, lined pages for you to journal or to take notes. You can take this everywhere you go. We want you to Get it Together, and Keep it Together by taking this lovely tool everywhere yo go so you don't miss a beat! I have instructions and personal notes for each of these features to walk you through so you can get the most out of the planner.

Getting It Together 2021

SKU: V4081902927
  • Getting It Together Planner & Family Organizer for Mom's Who Do It All:

    - 5.83in x 8.27in

    - Front and Back Cover in Color w/ Plastic overlay for added support for longivity of use

    - Plastic Spiral Binding - Black

    - Colored Monthly Tabs with Monthly Budget on back

    - Sturdy Double Sided Storage Folder

    - Full Page of each "Vision Runner's" description and instructions

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